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Struggling with content marketing due to poor SEO?

Does your website rank low in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)? Are you looking to boost your ranking with various blog articles that rank for the given keywords? Do you have limited resources that is stifling your spending habits? Are you finding poor quality content full of grammar mistakes when you compromise on price? Are the poor SEO optimised blog articles giving you a headache? 

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How It Works

Here is a brief breakdown of our process so that you get the best quality delivered to you.

Getting to know you

Answer our questionnaire via form or call to help us get to know your needs better. List down all the problems that you are facing in your current set-up and outline your expectations from us. Knowing your issues will help us serve you better.

Strategy Planning

We chart out a detailed plan to help with your content requirements and outline a clear plan to create content for your website. Alternatively, you can come up with your own strategy and let us implement the same.

Writing Process

Our team of writers work around the clock to deliver quality articles to you. The articles undergo editing by our expert editors. With our systematic process for content generation, you get SEO optimised content to boost your ranking.


We make revisions for you if the content is not up to your expectations. At Bu Saviors LLP, your satisfaction is our priority. We strive to provide value for your money at every step of the way. Get a guaranteed refund if you are unhappy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Basic Info

Why should I choose BluSaviors over other content marketing companies?

We aren’t just a content marketing company. Our expertise lies in building companies from the scratch and improve the existing companies. This offers you an unique advantage where you can involve various aspects of the marketing. A dedicated team for content generation will work tirelessly in a systematic manner to ensure the best results for you.

Since Blu Saviors is not a niche company, won't the attention on my project be diminished?

This is a common doubt that most of our clients have. However, there is no need to worry. We have our exclusive content writing team that works on developing content throughout the day. As a result, we can assure you full attention in content projects.

What is the step by step process that you follow for content generation?

Our process varies according to the add on that you have selected. Usually, when you first share the topics, our SEO experts research for the ideal keyword and quality content that is bound to generate more traffic. Our managers ensure the coordination between our fine writers who research deeply and the talented editors who play with words to ensure that they are presented properly. The end result is beautiful content loved both by humans and search engine crawlers.

What is the turn-around time by Blu Saviors?

Depending on the queue and your requirements, our turn around time is usually two to three days. However, if you require content urgently, we can deliver within twelve working hours.

Service Info

How will you create the right content strategy for me?

We will evaluate your goals, the current situation, and your resources. We also analyse the potential aspects through which you can gain value by investing your resources. Armed with our data-driven approach, we come up with a suitable content marketing strategy that is designed to give maximum returns on your investments.

How do you analyse the performance of the content?

We use Google Analytics and WordPress content engagement stats to analyse the performance of your content. Accordingly, we tweak the content to deliver better search engine traffic to your website. We use Google Trends to ensure that your content on the website stays at the top of the current trends.

How do you optimise the content for SEO?

With the ideal keywords, we ensure that the keywords and their variations are distributed throughout the article without making it look spammy. Search Englines favor pages with high readability. Therefore, our editors break down the complex sentences into simple versions, keeping the sentences in active voices and keep high transition words. 

How do you market my content? What kind of returns can I expect?

In our add – ons, we offer social media marketing, and backlinks from websites with high DA. We also write press releases and guest posts to promote your content. Depending on the website, the visitors that you are targetting, the packages and add-ons you take, we can guarantee you around more than 1k visitors per day.

Add on : Keyword research

Our SEO experts analyse your visitor base, and look for the keywords that are likely to get more visitors while ranking high on the Google search results. We use a wide variety of combinations to come up with the search engine optimised keywords with the right statistics.

Add on : Social Media Marketing

We manage your social media account where we regularly post attractive captions with links to the articles to improve the CTR (click through rate). You do not have to worry about the brand presence on the social media platforms as we regulary take care of the content visibility. 

Add on : WordPress Upload and optimisation

WordPress is the best CMS (content management system) for organising and handling your content. We give Yoast SEO Premium plugin for free when you choose this add-on. In this add-on, our content managers upload the articles and optimise everything from title, meta description, alt text to tags and categories. Present your content in the right way with the WordPress experts.


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