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We hate startup ideas failing due to lack of support in the entrepreneurial world. So, why not combine technology with skilled people in business? IITians have put their brains together to offer you a wide range of professional services that you require to build or grow your startup! Choose Disruptive Innovation With Us!

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Spending sleepless nights due to fear of failure?  Fret not! Be it any service you require to grow or build your business, Blu Saviors is here 24*7 to provide it for you. We do the hard work involved in building a business, so that you can focus on the product better.

Business Model

We use a wide host of AI tools to analyse bottlenecks, and come up with the best business model for your startup.

Portfolio Building

Our experts will develop beautiful websites, write extensive quotations, business proposals, and render images. 

Apply For Funding

We walk you through every stage of funding, and create killer elevator pitches with presentations to raise money.


Prototype Refining

Our managers shall find the suitable experts and refine your prototype to make it a hit in the market. 

Strategic Marketing

We  combine our skills with AI bots, and strategically increase your client base through SEO, and cold approach. 

About Us

We, at Blu Saviors, have an excellent team with different strengths. Our aim is to bring a revolution in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the world, by enabling brilliant startup ideas to become successful startups. We also aim to grow the existing startups and businesses with our affordable, quality services.  

Our BluSav Services

Blu Saviors are constantly adding more services as we scale up our family. Stay tuned to know the latest innovations from IIT Madras. We aspire to add value to you at every point because we believe that you should get more than what you pay for.

Interactive Website Development

We specialize in creating beautiful responsive websites. You are assured of a perfect online home.

SEO Optimisation For Your SERP

We excel at placing you on the first page of Google by following the SEO optimisation.

Feasible Ideas into Prototypes

We help you create a working prototype of any idea that you have.

Client Outreach Campaigns

We generate leads and create outreach campaigns through cold calling and other methods.

Content Writing

We offer excellent content curated specially for you, in all different niches and formats.

Branding Campaigns

We spend our creative energy into creating successful branding campaigns for your company.

SEO Content Marketing

We perform a comprehensive research of keywords, and undertake content marketing.

Social Media Marketing

We use our skills and tools to increase your social media engagement.

Pitch Presentation

We draft killer pitches and create informative appealing slides to help you in your meetings.


We write beautiful promotional text in a compelling way to promote your brand. 


We have excellent proofreaders. With us, you can be assured of error-free content.

Why Choose Us?

Blu Saviors, the first of its kind, offers you a whole bunch of services for building your startup ideas under one roof. Wondering why our costs are so affordable? It is because our geniuses from IIT Madras have created software to optimize every step of our work process, leading to a dramatic decrease in the production and labor costs. 


Easy Consultations

Streamlined Process

Timely Delivery

Startups fail due to the lack of right tools. Why let that happen? 

What Our Blu Families are Saying

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any more questions? Please feel free to get in touch with us. We will always be glad to help you.

I want only some of your services. Do you offer customized packages?

Yes, we definitely offer customized packages with sweet deals. Please get in touch with us over WhatsApp or fill up the contact form. We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Does Blu Saviors accept payment in EMIs?

Yes, we accept payments in EMI option from eight supported banks only in India. We do not accept EMI payment option from clients who are not from India. As of now, we are currently working on making the payment methods more flexible to help new startups who are short of funds.

What if I can't afford your current pricing?

Our pricing is very affordable and the best in market. However, if you think it is too expensive for you, please get in touch with us. We will evaluate your startup ideas on merit, and give our services for free, in exchange for a share in your startup. After all, we are committed to building startups and see them grow. If you already have a startup or business, please get in touch with our marketing executive to see the available offers and deals.

Will I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

Yes, you will get refund if your targets are not met. We follow a model of growing with you. Therefore, if we are not able to add value to your startup or company, we think it is only fair to offer refund. In the beginning, our counselor will discuss comprehensively about your targets, and the techniques by which we can achieve it. However, we are confident that you will not be disappointed with us.

Our Service Areas

We serve our clients across the world. Distance or different time zones are not barriers for us. Our commitment to providing the best services no matter where you are, will remain steadfast. However, you can personally meet us in one of these locations.


IIT Madras, Chennai,  Tamil Nadu 600036


1950 W Corporate Way #30471 Anaheim, CA 92801

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