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Blu Saviors is a group of students from IIT Madras looking forward to bring innovation in the world and offer our services at affordable rates. You can avail our services in freelance writing, content editing, SEO optimised content and website design, JEE Physics coaching, Olympiad Physics coaching and motivation. Our group of dedicated professionals stand by your call and offer you quality work.

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Freelance Writer

She is an acclaimed freelance writer, copy-editor, and blogger. With four years of writing for the SEO industry, she excels in writing beautiful content that is personalised for you. She has published a novel “A Fuse In TIme: The Vision Of Future” that is available on Amazon and has wrote various E-Books for her business clients.

Rishi Raj Blu Saviors


Physics Coach

He is very passionate about Physics and knows the subject in and out. Presently pursuing various research projects in Physics, he has an AIR of 336 in JEE Mains,  AIR of 1396 in JEE Advanced and is a KVPY and NIUS Scholar. With his vast experience in the field of Physics, he loves explaining the fundamental beauty of nature to his students.

Riya Singh

Website Designer

She is a Computer Science Engineering Graduate who specialises in designing beautiful responsive websites. With her skill, she brings creativty and technical skills on the table. Her ability to create SEO optimised sites has made her one of the most sought after website designers in the industry. She handles her clients needs with care.

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We had great experience with the Blu Saviors Content Writing Service as they knew what exactly our company wanted from them. They supply us with regular beautiful SEO optimised articles which has boosted our traffic and has increased the conversion rate. At a good price, this agency has been my go-to because of the quality of articles that they deliver. It is free from plagiarism and has perfect grammar which is hard to get.

Ashwin Sangesh

I got wonderful guidance and motivation from my professor Rishi who helped me understand the concepts of Physics in depth. I realised the importance of understanding the basics and started loving the subject. The passion he has, rubbed on me and as a result, I started scoring better in my school exams. I also got selected for olympiads, thanks to him. I am so grateful to him for introducing me to the world of Feynman.

Akanksha Garg

I was skeptical of the importance of a website designer in the beginning. But after getting my website designed by the Blu Saviors, I have been receiving rave reviews from my clients. My professional image too has been boosted, and has helped me see more clients purchasing products on my website. The SEO optimization service provided by them helped my website rank at the top of Google and gave me the confidence I needed.

Nishanth Singh

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